Boston Incubation Center, Lexington, MA — MechE/SysE

October 2015 – PRESENT

Prototype and product development on service robotics, medical prosthetics, and industrial assistive exoskeletons

-Designed and constructed autonomous human interaction vehicles for navigating busy subways

-Refined and optimized the design of electric extranumerary digits for disability and rehabilitation technology

-Utilized composite layups and structural analysis on an unpowered exosuit for heavy manufacturing

Securus, Beverly, MA — Mechanical Engineer

August 2013 – September 2015

Engineer with a focus on test stands development, FDA certification, and product manufacturing

-Performed early stage patent, IP and prototype work on a suture anchor

-Adapted medical-grade technology to a commercial fishing application

-Prototyped, manufactured, and verified an FDA 510(k) thermal imaging device for arrhythmia surgery  and coordinated First in Man tests

MIT, Cambridge, MA Research Engineer

June 2012 – August 2013

Undergraduate and associate researcher on a variety of underwater, aerospace, and medical projects

-Finite-element  analyzed and developed a mobile robotics platform for water-filled pipe locomotion, leak detection, and sealing

-Machined parts for a prototype satellite and designed the fluid distribution system for the onboard experimental thruster

Akebono, Lexington, SC Engineering Intern

June 2011 – August 2011

Intern engineer on a series of time-saving manufacturing fixtures and ergonomic worker aids

-Utilized thermal-fluid analysis to design and implement a part-cooling fixture increasing cycle time and decreasing burns to workers hands

-Produced a low-profile pallet lift to decrease worker strain

-Engineered a refixturing device to reduce invalid assembly line parts

MITERS, Cambridge, MA Tool Trainer/Safety Liaison

January 2015 – PRESENT

Training and machine shop safety, EHS Liaison, freelance design consulting and machining on electromechanical projects

-Organized a series of educational and entertainment events including robot construction and fighting events, as well as televised  electric go-kart races and electric boat demonstrations

-Assisted Environmental Health and Safety in developing standard guidelines for campus-wide drone and Lithium battery usage


MIT, Cambridge, MA — SB Mechanical Engineering, 2013

Focus on robotics and manufacturing. Relevant coursework: Mechanics and Materials, Designs and Controls, Thermal Fluids Engineering, Design and Manufacturing, Product Engineering Process, Internal Combustion Engines, Elements of Mechanical Design, Mobile Autonomous Systems Laboratory, Solid State Chemistry, Science Writing & New Media


The Electric Kool-Aid Turing Test Go-Kart

A scratch-built 1:5 scale 15kw electric VW bus with integrated autonomy systems

Valkyrie 250lb BattleBot

30kw mobile platform with stealth bomber stylings, spinning a 32kg disc at 2200 RPM  for a televised competition series

Road Rash 250lb BattleBot

Mobile  linear induction robot utilizing electromagnetic forces to directly interact with a steel floor

Marathon 30lb Fighting Robot

An exercise in design, CNC machining and metallurgy

Gigatron Autonomous Go-Kart

A Tron-inspired 1:5 scale BMW i8 for autonomous car development

The Cuban 1lb Fighting Robot

Combining 3D printing with 2D machining. 5th ranked 1lb robot in the world

HummingBird 4” Drone

A MarkForged sample part, flaunting their technology in an aesthetic and functional package

Black Diamond 3” Drone

With half the motors upside down, it’s a low cost, easy to build and compact racing drone for indoors

TorpedoBot Senior Thesis

A small robot for traveling in and inspecting 4” water pipes

SkyBeacon Senior Design Project

Helium-powered rescue balloon doubling as a PFD for marooned sailors


  • Fabrication – Manual Machining, Welding, Woodwork
  • Machining – Manual and CNC Mills and Lathes, Laser Cutters, Waterjets, 3D printers
  • Welding – TIG and MIG: Tool Steels, Aluminum, Titanium
  • CAD – Solidworks, OnShape, Inventor. FEA and GD&T experience
  • Electronics – Power System Design, Soldering, Crimping, Debugging, Lithium Battery Safety
  • Prototyping – Sourcing, Machine shop interactions, Establishing test plans
  • Education – Hands-on teaching, writing syllabuses, performing safety trainings
  • Media – Premier, Audacity, MS Office
  • V&V – Experienced with FDA 510(k) certification, applying ISO standards, Writing EHS Documentation


BattleBots – 2016 and 2018 participant

PowerWheels Racing Series – 2017 Moxie Champion, 2015 Autonomous Champion

Media Appearances – Discovery Canada, Quartz, /DRIVE, Adam Savage’s Tested

Eagle Scout – Boy Scouts of America


English, German (written)