Rage Frosh, Lost in Space, and Robots of MASSdestruction.

This last weekend saw the inaugural class in the World’s First Boston Area Robot Fight aka MASS DESTRUCTION held by the Venerable Rob Masek at Artisan’s Asylum. As this event was only fifteen minutes away instead of the usual fifteen hours, a fair amount of MITERS folks (and other Shenanigans-Filled builders) were up until half past dumb O’clock working on ROBOTS. Since my stuff was finished a week ago, I helped MIKE, ANDREW and JOHN throw together a 3lb entry from some old Rmr parts I had lying around. The result?

Photo Credit Charles Guan

Photo Credit Charles Guan

Slovania-Mania, or Ljubljana Lasagna, or Slovenia-Bot. Whatever you want to call it. The blade is Amazonian O-1 straight from the “Bad Ideas” pile of Rmr spares, the motors, controllers, escs, and wiring are all also Rmr spares (which turned out to be pretty bad when I needed to replace everything on Rmr during the fights). Wheels came from LUC-I, top and bottom plates were waterjetted out of spare aluminum/G10/Wood from Charles’s Uberclocker. The original plan had that large 3d printed body as the body, but weight concerns made us ditch that in favor of custom standoffs and spring steel.

Which worked pretty well! The first match was Lucy’s Deathcap, an extremely mean vertical drum made from Jamo’s Dominant Mode, wicked sharp S7 and titanium teeth, and Pure Hatred. John and Andrew were running scared until the first few hits, when they broke half of her teeth and flipped her over. Unable to self-right, it would have been the end of the match had I not told John how bad of sportsmanship that would be. He smacked her a few more times, at which point she got the pokey-end up and completely wrecked everything forever.

Photo Cred Charles Guan

Photo Cred Charles Guan

At which point, Mike, Andrew, and John rapidly threw all of the electronics back into the 3D printed body and covered it in tape and old armor plates from Rmr, as well as a weaponized drill bit ram horn and impact-resistant tire armor. Which almost worked, until it didn’t.

Charles Guan again. Will Bales and Herp-a-Derp on the kill though

Charles Guan again. Will Bales and Herp-a-Derp on the kill.

Not that I did too much better.

Credit to Jamison Go for both the photo and the hit. Despite evidence to the contrary, he's weaponless now because of it.

Credit to Jamison Go for both the photo and the hit. Despite evidence to the contrary, he’s weaponless now because of it.

A year of late nights and dumb ideas comes to an end. RIP in Peace Rmr, IT’S ABOUT TIME. Onwards and upwards, but I’ll save that for later in the post. All in all, my favorite robot fight I’ve been to with fast-pacing, lost of TKOs, and an incredible arena. Thanks again Rob!

Charles takes a picture of ALL THE FUN WE'RE HAVING BREAKING STUFF

Charles takes a picture of ALL THE FUN WE’RE HAVING BREAKING STUFF

Like a reasonable person, I woke up the next morning and went to a car sho-

NOT A CAR....?


Well, it was a something-show hosted by MIT. I helped MITERS shuffle over Silly Electric Vehicle Armada, which was a good deal of fun, and we got great looks from the crowd and a serious talking-to by the police for “Why didn’t you guys bring your even more dangerous electric vehicles?!”.

They see me Doofin'...(Charles Guan)

They see me Doofin’…(Charles Guan)

Doof-Kart was hotter than Baked Alaska at an Antarctic Research Station though, making me think that an autonomous and a commercialized version might be in the works soon. We still need to “finish it” also known as give “Charles his Vyper back”, but it is really really hard to justify taking apart something that just plain works. It was also a big hit with the little kids, who really had fun playing around with it. One of them happened to be the son of Tim Hirtzil, of “Boat Bot” fame, and he decided to have a few words with us.

The ‘boat’ elements of Boat Bot have seen far better days (foot-long cracks up and down the gunnels!) but the ‘bot’ part is as shiny and chrome as the day it arrived in Valhalla. And now it’s in my basement, awaiting A Good Cause like any apathetic boomer afraid of what his family has become. I’m currently feeling “Unnamed MITERS All-Terain Amphibious Assault Driver” or “U-MAAAD?” but if anyone has better suggestions, please send them along.

After all that, like a reasonable adult, I immediately went back to building battlebots.

Master of Yards

Master of Yards

Yard Master was a 3lb Silent Spring clone I had planned for Bot Blast. Those sneaky frenchy sons-of-whatevers down at McCaster-Barr decided that shipping metric stock to people dimensioned as SAE but with really really wide tolerances was a cheap and easy way to improve sales, and they’re right. Unfortunately, this means I had to mill down all of the plastic stock I got in the mail by about .2″. I was being lazy and accidentally Did The Thing while doing that though…

Nooooooooooooo (Rob Masek)

Nooooooooooooo (Rob Masek)

So I gave up, despite having all the parts except for a new sheet of Tivar. Enter Team Rage Frosh, looking to build a new 3lber for Franklin Institute in two weeks. John was very interested in taking over the design, but had some concerns about my “magnetic clutch” design.


See, the blade is full-hard A2 off of Rmr and has tapped 6-32 holes for that hub. The pully for YM is nowhere near that big, so I had to design a really crappy adapter plate that I just didn’t like. So I decided drilling holes in everything and filling it with magnets was a legit idea.

Science seems to agree with me. It also does the “little give at the start” thing that I’ve been playing with for mechanically soft-starting sensorless brushless motors. The other idea is that it’ll also preserve my everything in case of a big hit, but we’ll see how effective that really is later. In the mean time:


This is a post-Pipe-bot 30.0 idea, but I’m starting to like a big circular blue “Boom-ba” with all brushless drive on 4s as a handicap. Otherwise, it’d feel a little too much like mixing 3lb Touro with Weta, and I’d feel a little unoriginal doing that.

Next post I’ll talk about either my new Jerb or Gracious Pipefessionalism, stay tuned to find out!


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